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Jack's Community Involvement
Jack's Community Involvement

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Enjoy a genial stroll along Sidney's vibrant main thoroughfare or miles of waterfront walkway and you'll see a town that has developed a character and personality that is both comfortable and dynamic. It's no accident that Sidney is one of the most sought-after communities for young families, professionals and retirees. It is the outcome of careful planning and "out of the box" thinking from people who care about this special spot they call home.

Jack Barker has played a key role in charting Sidney's course to become the vibrant community it is today. His fervent belief in "giving to the community" is backed by countless hours devoted to local initiatives.

From 1996 to 1999, Jack served as municipal Councillor for the Town of Sidney, actively participated in Sidney's Vision Committee, the Waterfront Advisory Committee, and also has been Sidney's representative for Tourism Victoria.

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